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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Corporate e-learning trend

A UK research on corporate e-learning adopters show that the e-learning procurement is maturing. Four key findings are:
  • Greater focus on driving high recurrent usage around a narrow set of generic titles; often linked to specific major business projects or changes, which may cycled over time
  • Rapid growth in adoption of non-traditional forms of e-learning content, particularly on-line reference material, driven by significant increases in perceived relevance and value from an often e-learning skeptical audience
  • More focus on industry-specific (vertical) or job-role-specific (horizontal) content, often from niche providers with a proven understanding and brand in their niche
  • Increased desire for flexible adoption of e-learning content, embedded within mainstream learning programmes (the so-called ‘trend to blend')

The researcher concluded that corporate are focusing on the value proposition of e-learning.

I see that as a stage into another stage. The value proposition here seems to me is still primary focus on the internal processes and development of their human resource to better handle the task at hand.

The next stage would be using the e-learning initiative and infra-structure to deliver value proposition linked to the corporate's core business activity. Building on the continuous human resource development, the next stage will see corporate using their e-learning infra-structure to help their partners in the various part of the value chain. By understanding better the processes of procurement, for example, a supplier can better fine-tune his own stock to meet the demand of the corporate. By tapping into the internal process of the corporate, the supplier will be able to obtain time-sensitive information and benefit from such information.

Such integration of business process is not a one-side process. The corporate needs to help provide training to its suppliers staff in order to see the benefit flows through.

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